Frequently Asked Questions

What  are Joy  Holiday Camps?

Joy's holiday camps have a variety of English course levels, suited to children from 3 to 13 years. Children will be split into small groups according to their age and ability. Here children will have the opportunity to practice and develop their social skills, improve their confidence, public speaking abilities and level of English with professional actors and teachers, and perform in a professional performance for their parents at the end of the week. Camps take place in the fun and friendly environment of their local school!

When and where do the courses take place?

We work with many schools across Europe to bring Summer Days camps to your local area. Camps take place in the school holidays across Europe. A course usually consists of five camp days from 09.00 until 16.00 from Monday to Friday, with a theatre performance for parents at the end of each week at 15:00. Please check our registration page for the exact time and dates of the course in your local area!

Could my child be too shy for Joy Camps?

Not at all! Our camps are the perfect place for extroverted and introverted children alike. Through fun activities and learning, our teachers will ensure a comfortable environment for all children so that they can grow into the best version of themselves.

What to expect throughout the camp?

We want to make Joy Holiday camps as relaxing as possible for all the parents we work with, by providing reliable educational courses to children all over the world. Below you are able to find a comprehensive list of the main preparations and services we are responsible for: 

  • Provide teaching materials which are  carefully chosen and tailored to each age group and level of language proficiency. 

  • Provide sports equipment and toys such as footballs, frisbies and tennis equipment

  • Organise lesson and day plans

  • Provide water pistols and show costumes for the children

  • Provide lighting equipment, smoke machines and scenery for the shows.

...and everything else in between!

What will the kids learn throughout the week?

Our summer courses are a great way to teach children how to become more sociable and confident in their lives. With a professional English performance performed for their parents, students have the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills - a very useful tool for later in life.

In addition, with water games, language games, arts and crafts and fun with native British actors -Joy Holiday Camps are a great way to spend the summer!

Who are the tutors?

Our qualified native tutors, are selected through a rigorous interview process in the UK and further undergo our own training process and extensive background checks in accordance with UK guidelines. All teacher's undergo a UK DBS criminal background check and provide references from previous employers. All of the tutors are experienced, native speakers of English and have outstanding teaching and sports skill. Each Tutor teaches a small group of 10 - 14 children or 6 children (under 6 years old) so that we can create an intimate learning environment where all students are able to participate, make friends and have fun as easily as possible.