What are the Online Courses like?

Answers to your Questions

  • How will online classes work?

Classes will take place LIVE on Zoom with one of our team members and up to 6 other families from around the world. Classes will typically last 50 minutes + a 10 minute buffer period per session.


Here, Students have the chance to make new online friends from around the world and carry on working after the online class with the task they are set as extra research work.

  • Ages of the children?

To begin with, we are aiming these classes at children aged 6 - 12, but if you feel like your children are maturity level is appropriate - then they are very welcome to join!


Your children do not need to have experience performing, just a good standard of English and a strong internet connection!

  • Become Confident Online

  • Have a Task to Focus on for the week

  • Meet new Global Friends

  • Learn how to stay safe online

  • What are the benefits of the online courses?

We aim to improve childrens' confidence and online communication skills through fun activities, theatre projects, quizzes, competitions and games. We want children to not only have fun whilst at home but also to learn how to behave in a safe manner online.

  • How will the British Theatre School ensure a safe environment for learning?

As we are launching this new project beginning in April 2020, we are only working with our small, trusted team of actors. Safeguarding is always a priority and our first few weeks of online courses will only be taught by our main team for now.

Our staff will never ask for personal information such as contact details for students or parents
  • How can I sign up?

For our online courses, please go to our Booking Services page and choose a 1, 3, 5, or 10 hour course. 

  • What will I need to prepare?

Each week, you will receive an E-mail before your course begins letting you know what materials you will need, such as pens, paper and anything else for the course.

  • Where will my children need to be?

A room which has a strong internet connection. Use the website Speedtest to check your internet speed - a download speed of 50Mbps or higher is perfect!


A large room such as a living room is ideal. Please try to connect your computer to a large TV by using a HDMI cable (Your children may know how to do this!) - The larger the screen, the more effective and productive the classes will be!

  • Can parents take part or watch?

Of course parents can take part! But watching may make the children feel uncomfortable. We recommend that parents stay for the first 10 minutes to understand the format of the lessons but leave once the children feel comfortable.


We need the children to not feel anxious and to be energetic when taking part in the class. It may be best for parents to be out of sight in the next room but still able to hear what is going on, so that the children can play without becoming embarrassed. 

We know that parents will want to feel comfortable with the lessons before leaving their children alone, so you are welcome to stay as long as you like!

Pay with peace of mind:

  • What Time will classes take place?

All classes take place at some point between 08:00am - 16:00pm BRITISH TIME (GMT) / 09:00am - 17:00 Central European time (GMT+1) / 15:00 - 22:00 Singapore Standard Time (GMT +7).


Please check the starting times of your class to ensure you log in at the correct time!

Please check each course's Timetable and Lesson hours via the information on our Booking Page.

  • Do my children need to be confident / extroverted / have acting experience?

Not at all! The whole point of the online lessons is for children to improve their confidence, online social skills and performance capabilities. 

Our friendly team have years of experience in bringing out the best in children's personalities.

  • What are the contents of the courses?

Each course is different and unique, but all have been planned to be fun and educational.

Please visit the Booking Page to learn about the individual courses.