Safeguarding and General Holiday course information


Joy Education LTD t/a International British Theatre School (herein after referred to as The International British Theatre School

• The International British Theatre school has a zero tolerance to bullying of any kind which includes physical, verbal, emotional, psychological and cyber bullying. Students engaged in this behaviour may be asked to leave.

• If any student behaves in a manner which puts himself/herself at risk, or contravenes the law of the country in which the camp takes place, or behaves in a manner which, in the view of the The International British Theatre school, seriously undermines the smooth running of the camp, The International British Theatre school reserves the right to withdraw that student from the course. No refund of fees will be made in these circumstances.

• Parents or guardians must give information in writing to the Camp Leader, if a student has any allergy or disability not previously stated. This must be stated in the Online registration process and if it is not stated, the child may not be able to take part in the camp due to staff being untrained to effectively care for them in a safe manner.

• Residence/camp facilities: the student may be charged for the replacement of lost company costumes.

• The International British Theatre school will not be responsible for the loss of the student’s personal property.

Taking part in The International British Theatre school camps implies express acceptance on behalf of father’s, mother’s or legal guardians of all the above terms and conditions.

• The camp fees do not cover personal medical insurance.

Our Staff, Safeguarding & Insurance Policies

• Joy Education LTD t/a International British Theatre School has public liability insurance and medical safeguarding from a staff member who has undertaken a paediatric first aid course by St. Johns Ambulance.

Freelancers are trained actors with a BA qualification from an accredited UK / North American drama school or child care qualifications from a recognised national institute. A St. John’s paediatric care certificate is held by each experienced camp leader who will run camps. All members of staff are trained during a 2 stage interview and induction process. All members of our team have gone through a safeguarding course via Educare, a full enhanced DBS police background check and 2 references from former employers prior to working on courses. These will be available at request 7-10 days before the beginning of each course.

We work regularly with recurring experienced freelancers & qualified child care workers who work in the performance industry. We prioritise working with those professional freelancers who have ample experience in the child care and children’s performance sector

• The International British Theatre school and its Freelancer’s ensure the student’s well-being and health. It is the responsibility of the Student’s relevant Freelancer to ensure safety during work activities and The International British Theatre school’s obligation to provide a safe working environment and learning activities to reduce the risk of any hazards, in partnership with its host schools.