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Acting for Stage and Film courses

Our Senior courses for students aged 13 - 19

How to apply

1. Choose a course

Read the course information below and choose the course and location which is best for you. Please check if you need a Visa to take part in the course if you are an international student.

2. Apply online

Apply online before the course deadline date via the application below

3. Audition

After your application, you will need to record a 3-minute audition and send it to us. We will watch all auditions and invite successful applicants to an online interview.

Audition guidance and how to send auditions.

4. Online Interview

40% of applications will be asked to have a 20 minute online interview with us. We will give you feedback on your audition and learn about you

5. Decision time!

After online interviews, all applicants will receive an email letting them know if their application was successful or not.

Please note we receive over 300 applications per course and can only accept a maximum of 60 students per course.


Acting Courses


Kickstart a career in the performing arts with 10 days of intensive workshops covering a wide aspect of topics to prepare you for your first professional role on stage or film.

There's a few things you need before applying for professional work: a headshot, showreel and performance experience in front of a live crowd. Luckily, with our courses you can get all 3 in just 10 days.


Students will be given a headshot, a 1-minute screen showreel and a recording of their 35-minute end-of-week performance to send on to industry professionals after the course.


Students will be given the tools to professionally approach agents and casting directors for representation and roles.

UK Stage and Film Course 2023

Each year we run many multiple 10 day courses around the world to help students excel in the performance industry. Camps include:

  • Casting Director Q&A

  • Industry professionals Q&A

  • Create a showreel to send to industry professionals (£325 industry value)

  • Create a show with your peers and perform to an audience.

  • Accommodation and all food available for an additional price

  • Costume Design

  • Headshot (£275 industry value)

  • Theatre Performance (£325 industry value)

  • Lighting & Sound design

  • Theatre Sound Design and Composition

Please read our Terms and Conditions before applying.

Senior Applications

Join our waiting list today, we'll let you know when auditions open in 2023

  • Acting for Stage and Film - UK Intensive course
    Acting for Stage and Film - UK Intensive course
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    • Ages 13 - 19, separate groups • 3 hot meals per day • Casting Director Q&A • Create a showreel • Headshots • Create and perform in a show • Theatre Sound Design and Composition
Acting for Stage and Film 2023 & 2024 - Get on the waiting list
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