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Acting for Stage and Film masterclass

July 27th - August 7th - United Kingdom

August 11th - August 19th - Germany

Acting & Film courses are available

Leads to IBTS company membership

Accommodation and full board available

Bursary support is available

Acting Courses


Kickstart a career in the performing arts with 10 days of intensive workshops covering a wide aspect of topics to prepare you for your first professional role on stage or film.


Students will be given a headshot, a 1-minute screen showreel and a recording of their 35-minute end-of-week performance to send on to industry professionals after the course.


Students will be given the tools to professionally approach agents and casting directors for representation and roles.

UK Stage and Film Course 2023


In summer 2023 we will be running a 10-day Acting for Stage and Film masterclass.


  • Accommodation and full board available for £550 for 12 nights

  • Casting Director Q&A

  • Industry professionals Q&A

  • Create a showreel to send to industry professionals (£325 industry value)

  • Create a show with your peers and perform to an audience.

  • Costume Design

  • Headshot (£250 industry value)

  • Theatre Performance (£225 industry value)

  • Lighting, Video & Projection

  • Theatre Sound Design and Composition

For more information on how to apply for our Stage and Film course click here

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking.

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