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Masterclass di recitazione per teatro e cinema

27 luglio - agosto7 - Regno Unito

11 agosto - 19 agosto - Germania

Sono disponibili corsi di recitazione e cinema

Conduce all'adesione all'azienda IBTS

Possibilità di alloggio e pensione completa

È disponibile il supporto per la borsa di studio

Corsi di recitazione


Dai il via a una carriera nelle arti dello spettacolo con 10 giorni di workshop intensivi che coprono un ampio aspetto degli argomenti per prepararti al tuo primo ruolo professionale sul palcoscenico o al cinema.


Agli studenti verrà fornito un primo piano, uno showreel di 1 minuto e una registrazione della loro esibizione di fine settimana di 35 minuti da inviare ai professionisti del settore dopo il corso.


Agli studenti verranno forniti gli strumenti per avvicinarsi professionalmente ad agenti e direttori di casting per rappresentazioni e ruoli.

Corso di teatro e cinema nel Regno Unito 2023


Nell'estate 2023 terremo una masterclass di recitazione di 10 giorni per il teatro e il cinema.


  • Alloggio e pensione completa disponibili per £ 550 per 12 notti

  • Domande e risposte sul direttore del casting

  • Domande e risposte dei professionisti del settore

  • Crea uno showreel da inviare ai professionisti del settore (valore del settore £ 325)

  • Crea uno spettacolo con i tuoi colleghi e esibisciti davanti a un pubblico.

  • Disegno dei costumi

  • Colpo alla testa (valore industriale £ 250)

  • Spettacolo teatrale (valore industriale £ 225)

  • Illuminazione, video e proiezione

  • Teatro Sound Design e composizione

Per ulteriori informazioni su come fare domanda per il nostro corso di teatro e cinema, fare clic suQui

Si prega di leggere il nostroTermini e Condizioniprima della prenotazione.

  • Why are actors great with children?
    Actors are trained to be expressive, animated and confident people which is perfect when you are working with children. Our actors are very experienced with working with children throughout the year on school theatre tours, children's parties and pantomimes! Over the years we have built a strong and reliable team of 10 actors who love to meet new students online and help them begin their performance journeys. All of the tutors are experienced, native speakers of English with Enhanced DBS certificates which parents can request to view.
  • What will the children learn during the week?
    Our courses are a great way to help children to become more confident in speaking skills for their future working lives. With a 20-minute performance performed for their parents at the end of each week, students have the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills in front of a crowd of parents - a very important tool for later in life. Students are given a copy of their performance as a tool to reach out to agents or show family and friends. ​ In addition, with water games, language games, arts and crafts and ball games in between our drama-based activities, our Holiday Camps are a great way to spend the holidays for all children!
  • When and where do the Junior Holiday Camps take place?
    We work with over 15 private and international schools across the UK and the world to bring ages 5 - 6 / 7 - 9 / 10 - 12 Junior Holiday camps to your local area. We only work with schools who maintain a high standard of health & safety and safeguarding practices within their facilities. A full list of the school's we will be at this year can be found on the registration page. Camps take place in the school holidays and usually consists of five camp daysfrom 09.00 until 16.00 from Monday to Friday. Please check our registration page for the exact time and dates of the course in your local area!
  • How do I sign up for the camp?
    Please go to our registration page to choose a camp near you.
  • Ages of the children?
    To begin with, we are aiming these classes at children aged 5 - 6 / 7- 9 / 10 - 12, but if you feel like your children are maturity level is appropriate - then they are very welcome to join! Your children do not need to have experience performing, just a good standard of English and friendly attitude.
  • What are the benefits of the holiday camps?
    Improve confidence and communication skills in English! The best way to build your public speaking skills is to perform to a crowd, we'll teach you how to do it. We aim to improve children's confidence and online communication skills through fun activities, theatre projects, quizzes, competitions and games. We want children to not only have fun whilst at home but also to learn how to behave in a safe manner online.
  • How will the British Theatre School ensure a safe environment for learning?
    Our BA-qualified British actors and child-care workers are selected through 2 stage interview process and must have performed in the Junior Holiday Camp leader position in the UK and further undergo our own 2-day in-house training process as well as: An Enhanced DBS police background checks An Educare Safeguarding Course Provide references from at least 2 previous child-care employers one member of the team on each camp holds a recognised Paediatric First Aid qualification Unlike many child-care companies, we work with a small team of regular supervisors. We never run more than 5 camps at any one time in order to ensure quality control and best-practice on each camp. All recruitment is performed in accordance with UK Government & OFSTED guidelines, for more information please see our Policies page.
  • What will I need to prepare?
    Each week, you will receive an E-mail before your course begins letting you know what materials you will need, such as pens, paper and anything else for the course including packed lunches.
  • Where will my children need to be?
    Please arrive 10 minutes before at the location specified on the confirmation email and the online event page.
  • Can parents take watch the end-of-week performance?
    Of course, parents can watch it! If you are able to take time out of your day to come to the short performance each Friday afternoon, we would appreciate it. Please check your event details to know at what time this will take place in your area. However, if you're unable to attend, we will record the shows and send them to you within 3 weeks, so don't worry if not everyone can attend!
  • Do my children need to be confident / extroverted / have acting experience?
    Not at all! The whole point of our camps is for children to improve their confidence, social skills and performance capabilities. All levels of ability are welcome. ​ Our friendly team have years of experience in bringing out the best in children's personalities.

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