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Exploring the Best Information Sources for the UK's Performing Arts and Film Industry

For enthusiasts, professionals, and students of the performing arts and film industry in the UK, staying informed with reliable and insightful sources is essential.

Here’s a roundup of the best resources to help you stay connected with the latest trends, news, and educational content in these vibrant fields.

  1. The Stage: Established in 1880, The Stage is one of the most respected publications in the industry. It offers a comprehensive coverage of the performing arts in the UK, including theatre, opera, and dance. The Stage is invaluable for reviews, job postings, and industry news. Their website also includes sections for training and advice, making it a go-to resource for upcoming artists and theatre professionals.

  2. British Film Institute (BFI): The BFI not only supports film and television in the UK but also provides a wealth of resources through its library and archives. For anyone interested in film studies or looking for historical data and screenings, the BFI’s extensive collections and publications are indispensable.

  3. BBC Arts Online: For broader coverage that includes both performing arts and film, BBC Arts Online is a stellar resource. It features articles, interviews, and reviews, as well as links to radio and TV shows related to the arts. Their content is accessible and designed to engage a wide audience.

  4. Screen Daily: Focused more on the film industry, Screen Daily offers up-to-date news, box office reports, and film reviews. It's particularly useful for those interested in the business side of film-making and international cinema trends impacting the UK market.

  5. Arts Professional: This publication provides critical news, opinions, and features about the arts sector in the UK. It’s particularly geared towards arts managers and policymakers, offering insights into funding, audience development, and sector-wide trends.

Whether you are a practitioner, a student, or simply a fan of the UK arts scene, these sources will keep you informed and inspired. Happy exploring!

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